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SCC meets cubemos: Remote Safety Certification for Contractors

             cubemos is working together with SCC, a proven program in which various sectors of German industry have combined their knowledge and experience in the field of health and safety at work, to provide work safety certifications completely online. SCC Certification GmbH adopted cubemos, knowing it would support accreditation, eliminate exam dishonesty, and provide immediate test and certification experience.

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Online Skill Assessment

How online instructions and skill assessments improve your business

        By far the most valuable and important asset for companies is to have a competent workforce. However, it is not always easy to measure how qualified the candidates are and if they have understood all relevant instructions for their job. The best way to understand and make use of the full potential of a candidate is to conduct instructions and skill assessments in a digital way.

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The secret sauce to make customers brand ambassadors

Can you imagine holding 76.56% of the market share within your industry? Being the first brand coming to people's minds in the operating system industry is an extraordinary success for Microsoft. Creating substantial brand value like Salesforce, AWS, or Microsoft might seem unachievable for many companies. The secret of this success is not exclusively better product performance. It is also based on a community of committed users who benefit from companies' products.

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How to prevent cheating in online exams?

Online learning used to be trendy. Attending university or professional training courses online has become more and more popular. Not only for students but also for employees and lifelong learners. Today, the current global health crisis and the need for social distancing are accelerating this demand. Online teaching and examination are not trendy, they are now becoming mandatory. Universities, corporations, and governments are forced to rethink their teaching practice entirely.

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