The secret sauce to make customers brand ambassadors

Can you imagine holding 76.56% of the market share within your industry? Being the first brand coming to people's minds in the operating system industry is an extraordinary success for Microsoft. Creating substantial brand value like Salesforce, AWS, or Microsoft might seem unachievable for many companies. The secret of this success is not exclusively better product performance. It is also based on a community of committed users who benefit from companies' products.But how do you incorporate engaged and successful users to achieve this? Have you ever implemented a CRM system or a cloud platform? You might see a lot of options at first sight, but if you want to start a successful project, there are only a few solutions left. You need to find enough people to be able to work with the system you decide to implement. You need an active community around a product.

What does this mean for your product? You might think that it is hard to create such a community. You are somewhat correct, but there is a way to develop this competitive advantage: online tests and proven certificates. With those you can generate brand ambassadors.
Today, it is easy to offer a training academy and share educational content. The cost driver of this process  is the testing procedure itself. You need test centers, security, check-in procedures, fraud protection and more. At a first glance it does sound complicated. But don’t forget that it contributes to the success of leading companies such as AWS or Microsoft. They create a barrier for users to overcome to become experts. Several people all over the world can employ the knowledge they offer. But they set up a gatekeeper. The gatekeepers are the tests for the software. Everybody can participate, and everybody in the world can potentially become an implementation partner. Does this mean that online testing is a game changer only for leading companies? No, we are in 2021! Tests can be run from anywhere in the world with any device. You can participate as a startup or growing company and build your test process for your software.
What is the main element needed after a test has successfully been conducted? What do people continually post on LinkedIn or have in their folders scanned in and downloaded? The answer is a certificate. Education focusing on professional skills has replaced classical studies because the required knowledge on the job market is too specific. As acquiring new skills gained more popularity, online certificate programs have been more required worldwide. 


Moreover, people have become more curious to share their skillset and achievements with personal contacts and peers. Our advice is to make use of this behavior. Provide shareable certificates and engage your customers to post them online. This is an easy and effective way to use your customers' engagement. The result is free marketing to reach your customers' network and expand your business. It is an actual win-win situation.

Combining online testing and online certificates with insightful tools will change the way we compete for talents. As Salesforce stated in the keynote of Dreamforce 2020, the reason for their success is a tested and certified community working with their system. “Trailblazers do not only make great numbers, but they also drive the Salesforce economy. We could not be our business success without them.” Marc Benioff, Salesforce CEO. (Follow him on Twitter).


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