SCC meets cubemos: Remote Safety Certification for Contractors


             cubemos is working together with SCC, a proven program in which various sectors of German industry have combined their knowledge and experience in the field of health and safety at work, to provide work safety certifications completely online. SCC Certification GmbH adopted cubemos, knowing it would support accreditation, eliminate exam dishonesty, and provide immediate test and certification experience.


             Located in Oberhausen, Germany, SCC Certification GmbH is a (DAkkS-accredited) personnel certifier for SCC exams of operational employees and managers at the operational level. SCC (Safety Certificate for Contractors) is a procedure that certifies management systems for occupational safety taking into account relevant (occupational) safety, health, and environmental protection aspects (SHE). SCC considers SHE policy, risk management, training, preparation for emergencies, and occupational healthcare.

             In German industry, especially in refineries, chemical plants, power plants, and steelworks, contractors are used for technical services and personnel service providers. The contractors are entrepreneurs who, based on a service or work contract, provide certain technical services or work for their clients. They are working with a committee that is committed to ensuring impartiality, fairness, and freedom of administration. They carry out their exams with questions specified by the DMGK, taking the specifications in the “Normative Document: Personnel Certification - Operationally Active Personnel in the SGU Area” as the basis. Since their work is heavily aimed at transparency, one of their priorities is to make sure that all work steps are fully documented, so that the entire process that led to the issuing of a certificate can be traced at any time. It is also important for SCC that the questions they use are specified and approved by the DGMK for examinations. The questions should be regenerated for each exam date and protected against cheating.


           When in-person examinations became impossible with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, the SCC management was worried about being able to conduct exams easily in a fair environment without seeing the participants directly. They wanted to be able to continue providing liability and accountability in an online environment. Since they need to comply with certain industry standards such as DMGK Working Group Normative Document and ISO 17024 (ISO 45000) on their certification activities, they were concerned about preserving this compliance in an online environment as well. SCC is known to provide certifications easily and quickly, they were also worried that the digital transformation and change of the operational processes would create unnecessary waiting or idle times for employees to get their certifications. As a reliable examination institution, it is essential for SCC to refrain from the possibility of manipulation and theft in the exams, that is why they reconstruct the exam questions for each exam date, which would require so much paperwork when everything was taking place in person. 

           It has always been important for the SCC Management to fully document each work step during the examination and the evaluation process both for control of compliance to the standards and working more efficiently. SCC wanted to make sure that the documentation process would not become more difficult in an online environment while every exam is being conducted remotely and employees are not working in the office.


             User-Friendly Dashboard

           Once the decision was made by the management to move to an assessment software, a choice had to be made as to which platform to implement. They needed a software that fulfills the ISO 17024 standards. The management was satisfied with the partnership because cubemos platform could provide both detailed and summarized data related to exam participation and results so that they can assess the measurement success of each exam more objectively and successfully, and they can create more informative and detailed reports. They can do those more comfortably thanks to the user-friendly dashboard cubemos software provides. The testers can see the completion rates, the number of tests taken on different dates, and the exam performances of the participants.

             A Fair Test Environment

            One of the biggest considerations of SCC management was to secure a fair environment for the test takers with comprehensive safety precautions. It is possible to change both the exam content and the necessary security precautions that could include the camera, screen recording, and ID-Check, which securely prevent any possibility of cheating. These can easily be adjusted differently according to tests necessary for different occupation groups and dates. Different questions in various forms for different exams can easily be customized with its user-friendly test maker platform. The order of the questions for every participant is also different so that test takers do not take help from each other during the test, due to the question randomization feature of cubemos.

           Quick Certification

           SCC can easily and quickly provide certifications to the participants from the certificate creation and templates section of the cubemos platform either by creating their own designs or using one of the cubemos templates, they do not have to worry about whether the participants would have to wait for a while to get their certificates. 

            As it looks to the horizon and a period of rapid expansion, SCC can now provide certifications with greater ease and confidence in its professional rigor and integrity because of cubemos. You can find out more about our software by visiting our website or contacting us via

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